A Peaceful Weekend


Whilst the weather in London is a bit unsettled and very windy, this weekend has been peaceful, chilled out, and surprisingly productive. Our little flat feels more and more cosy with little personal touches added along the way (thank you, N. for the purple mugs and tea… they have been in action many times over the last week!). It’s our little oasis and I look forward to it every evening, and especially on weekends.

Work last week continued to be too busy to be managed within normal working hours, and so the week already felt long by Tuesday. By Friday morning I looked at myself in the mirror and decided the frazzled-old-bird-look was definitely so ‘last-year’ that I had to do something about it. The first step: a little splurge as I went to have a manicure. Not very clever, as M and I spent a couple of hours on Saturday cleaning windows and blinds… not so easy on those manicured nails. Oh, well! It made me feel great at the time, and I think I’ll keep it up myself. Hair is next, and then maybe I’ll have built up enough courage to attempt loosing those extra pounds…

I love the fact that the days are now getting longer again, and so we managed to get up fairly early (for a Saturday) to take the last of the empty moving boxes to the dump, along with a few other items. It may sound silly, but the feeling to have less ‘stuff’ filling the flat is bliss. The early start and window cleaning interlude allowed enough time for a long, lazy 2nd breakfast, work on the finishing touches on the gift for C (no details yet, as this might spoil the surprise), and then spend 4-5 hours on essay research. The day was rounded off perfectly by some comfort food (potatoe & veg ‘Auflauf’), and the first 2 instalments of BBC’s ‘Human Planet’ on iPlayer. Beautiful pictures – if you haven’t watched this, have a look!

Today started with another long breakfast and a visit to the new Apple store in Covent Garden: after paying too much money for a small adapter plug, I am now able to connect my MacBook to my old Samsung screen: brilliant for working on two screens simultaneously, taking notes and writing on one, whilst reading documents on the other. I’m obviously turning into a total geek (sigh). Time for a little more essay research with N’s purple mug filled with some hot Thé de Lune from Marriage Frères. I feel truly spoilt.


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