Happy Valentine’s Day

Ranunkeln! Finally!

Sunshine and blue sky – truly a wonderful day! Even though, statistically, Valentine’s Day is the one day with the most quarrels and disappointments. Lucky are we, grown up in a culture that doesn’t celebrate it- so G’s and my expectation for the day are very low. Although we are going to spend the day with our last ‘love’: G with a bronchitis she acquired last Thursday and me with SPSS writing the second lab report (don’t really think my brain thinks along the lines of a computer whizz’).
Last weekend was mostly spent in bed, except for the short trips to get our hair cut and buy some food. We’d hoped to get some work done, but G was feeling really poorly so we just crossed the essentials off the to-do list.
What we didn’t anticipate was our neighbours’ party on Saturday evening. Honestly our bed- and bathroom floors vibrated from the resounding basses. Mildly shocked, they have been more on the quite side, we dragged our mattresses into the living room where it wasn’t that bad. With a running hair dryer (it is quite a useful gadget!) we could somehow ignore it. – Until some misguided creatures started ringing the door bell to our flat and some others tried to break in through our door – or at least it felt like it – I hope the black spot on the door is a removable mark and not an indentation (I haven’t checked yet). Apart from the incredible noise the other big problem was the smoke from (semi) legal stuff that snuck up into our flat… Well you get the point we were miserable! Judging from the dishevelled look from people living in the flat above us, they were miserable too.
On the upside, our downstairs neighbours came up to apologise on Sunday evening. Now we just have to deal with the consequent sleep-deprivation.

Thankfully internet and lovely friends from the other side of the world even make it possible to order things that are otherwise difficult to come by. Thanks! Well, this is all you’re going to get on this, as it needs to stay a surprise until Saturday… In the meantime, have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Saturday night exile


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