February Retro



|Listened to| G coughing – scary thing!
|Read| apparently never enough – otherwise via audio books: Tongues of  Serpents by Naomi Novik  – it is interesting but I keep falling asleep when I’m just listening – must knit!
|Watched| Glee season 1
|Did| Married off sister, threw sister a baby shower for which all (!) knitting projects were finished on time …. we also exported some mini elephant cupcakes (picture will follow) – which made for a very interesting conversation after the plane landed in Germany (M – looking into the cupcake box  – “we’re good – just one elephant down … and a couple of ears and a trunk…” G -stifling a cough- “excellent”)

  • three finger puppets (elephant, rabbit and worm – of course this child is going to learn about amoebae right from the word go), an owl mobile, our very own Rafi pattern jacket, a flower power elephant (you get the picture that my sister loves elephants?), several socks to wear until little one is about 12 months old and the “pièce de résistance” was G’s blanket with Wollmeise Lace yarn concocting her own pattern (I added the Ravelry link for more pictures of the blanket)

Little B's lace blanket

… bullied G with her bronchitis to come along to the wedding in Germany (and get proper medical care at home – if you need to know, my sister and her husband – both doctors – went out on their wedding night to get her antibiotics… I do have a crazy family), met again for project proposal and wrote project proposal (part 3), wrote lab report (still don’t like it!), went to the dentist and got one tooth filled and learned that there are minimally invasive drill heads (things you always wanted to know) and that my dentist is calmer when I have anaesthesia – who gets the filling? – Apparently I did a lot –  I should seriously think about more resting phases in the day…
|Learned| you get more credit points when you fake literary knowledge than if you actually read the papers…
|Ate| not much and mainly soups (and that is coming from me!)
|Drank| tea
|Thought|Couldn’t help but having in mind the Pride and Prejudice quote from Lydia when when she is married… “Ah Jane, I take your place now, and you must go lower, because I am a married women” – told my sister and she thought I was insane – apparently she hasn’t watched the film often enough…
|Was happy| about having a great family and for my sister to get a lovely family in law
|Wished| to have more time not feeling like being run over by a truck
|Planned| to go to see my little sister
|Bought| besides food- paper, small bits of wool to felt (for mini-decoration-project)
|Clicked| Ravelry


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