In this moment


Taken yesterday evening with my phone - isn't it lovely?

* listening… to the soothing sound of the hair dryer – definitely better than the dentist like building sounds next door!
* waiting in general new (and first) nephew arrived at 5.10pm on 29.03! Hooray to little sister and brother-in-law who are real trooper!
* waiting for my parents to arrive safely and then go pick them up
* drinking my second cup of tea and trying to wake up completely (rather than staying on some sort of wake-up-auto-pilot)
* figuring out how to change the blog design (which you’re probably noticed by now) after I am allowed to blog again
(procrastination preventing method) having finished (though not submitted yet) my academic guest blog post about music education and benefits and incidentally deleting half of the pictures on the blog… (ahghr)– blogroll will restored in a separate page soon.
* admiring my tortoise & hare project (now called the tortoise & springbok project by my lovely brother-in-law)

A quiet Tuesday morning…



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