March Retro

©Sandra Juto - don't you love the stack of books?

|Listened to| a couple of Met matinees (Boris Godunov, Queen of Spades and Rheingold – hmm 2:1 for a kind of Russian music month)
|Read| apparently never enough – a lot of papers from various sources – otherwise the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society via audible – totally loved it.
|Watched| some old DVDs
|Did| not much other than reading, writing, getting a sinus infection and having my parents over for a visit
|Learned| how it feels to be an auntie (G’s is one already so I’m new to this club)
|Ate| tomato tarte and herbed ricotta tarte (being part of our new diy-lunch programme)
|Drank| not enough – ran out of beloved black Mariage Frères tea for breakfast – sigh
|Thought| a lot of things, but predominantly that team work is not always easy
|Was happy| for little sister (and R) to finally meet their son
|Wished| I could go there now
|Planned| to go and visit at the end of the month – of course by that time little A will already be grown up…. 🙂
|Bought| a year pass to Kew Gardens
|Clicked| Ravelry


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