Resurfacing…April retro

Little A wearing our Rafi Hoodie - the second one

Little A holding his auntie's hand (or rather finger) and wearing our Rafi Hoodie- the second one..

What did we do?

|Listened to| Le Comte Ory: the Met matinee at the movies – and spent a great day with N!
|Read| apparently never enough – a lot (and I mean a lot) of papers from various sources – otherwise rediscovered Diane Mott Davidson’s cooking crime stories. Goldie, a caterer in Colorado not being able to only do parties, she constantly encounters crime while working. Warning: Do NOT read/listen to it when you’re hungry. Years ago, at my rock bottom point of illness when I weighed a whopping amount of 42kg, my friend A lent me the first Goldie books – it made me want to eat all the time (it still took about 10 years to get back to a healthy weight though)
|Watched| 30 minutes of Friends before crashing in bed

  • submitted 3 essays (2 for me, 1 for G) on time, mine were due today and my computer hashed up my bibliographies at the last minute, great moment!
  • G had the residential for her Ethnomusicology course – she asked me to perform at the Ethnomusic pub session, and I had great fun singing a Malibran duet with her (a genuine – transcribed – Mexican folk song) and  being accompanied by 2 guitars and a tabla (one needs to be flexible – and the sound really rocked!) I need to get back to doing more music, especially after finding out for my essay about the positive influence of making music on our immune system.
  • Spent hours at the dentist – the dentist treating G’s root canal ‘left’ a part of an instrument in her tooth – thankfully he was quick in referring her to the endodontologist  (didn’t even know that job existed!). Some hours later G’s root canal was filled and treated – and I spent hours in the waiting rooms trying to write essay no.2 – one can write everywhere, apparently.
  • Spent some wonderful days with my sister, R, & little A – who is a sweet little person- even though I’m biased as his crazy auntie: he is a beautiful child!
  • Created a new pattern in honour of little A –  mes petits éléphants – and forgot to take pictures, I’ll pester my sister to do a photo session soon, so that we can post the pattern.

|Learned| how it really feels to be an auntie
|Ate| ehm – yes we did eat, somehow… we had Orange Osso Bucco for Easter, and black pork for my Mom’s birthday grill party
|Drank| tea, lots of it.
|Thought| definitely too much!
|Was happy| to get to know little A, AND finding out my sister sings all the French songs (like Berceuse pour une pomme or hérisson) to him that I used to sing to her when she was little… second generation messed up with French children songs… 🙂
|Wished| for a holiday, preferably a long one
|Planned| to go revise and revise and revise — and revise again
|Bought| foil to cover the bathroom window and left this at my sister’s place… sigh
|Clicked| Google scholar

PS Due to my Oma passing away we had to post-pone the give-away, we’re still doing it and G will be posting about this soon!


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