Looking back – Mai

keeping the nose up -via pinrest

|Listened to| Wagner – Meistersinger in Glyndebourne (thanks to former house mate H – even managed to have lunch together) and Die Walküre from the Met –  one in “real life”, one on screen but on the same day. It was a bit of an overdose, but a great day.
|Read|  hopefully enough to make it through the exams (one to go)
|Watched| We did watch a film, but I cannot remember the title- it was funny though… (mild brain fog)
|Did| mainly learned, we had G’s dad staying with us for some days – (didn’t see to much of him, I was buried in books), and I had two breaks: T took me to see Ariodante (well done guys, it was special evening – love a good team of singer, one reason we started ours!) and G, N and I played in a Gamelan concert.
|Learned| hopefully enough for the exams
|Ate| yes we did eat – it was difficult task  for me to keep it where it belonged. It has to be said that G did her best to cook nice things for me!
|Drank| tea, water
|Thought| definitely too much!
|Was happy| to still be alive
|Wished| for a holiday, preferably a long one – one can always wish, right?
|Planned| have a break next weekend and to buy an IKEA table for the kitchen  – my treat if I survive the exams.
|Bought|  food
|Clicked| pinrest


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