June Retro

Emil and the computer

Emil and the computer

I can’t believe it’s July already! Feels like I missed most of June… sigh

|Listened to| not much – mostly to audiobooks, trying to calm down our hyperactive brains
|ReadMusik im Alter: Soziokulturelle Rahmenbedingungen und individuelle Möglichkeiten  – project related – and some magazines while waiting at the dentist... and blogs and papers about the retraction of the Lombardi paper (a CFIDS related paper). Really wanted to add my two cents, but lots of headaches prevented me to from doing more than the absolute necessaryYou’ll find an English version of this scenario here and the German version here.
Watched| La Potiche – loved it!
|Did| write exams, some ‘painting’ at my parents’ house =I was allowed to sit and hold a paintbrush: some way of feeling useful. But mostly stayed in bed trying to recover from exam-related and other stress – which doesn’t seem to be going as well or as quickly as I had hoped… sigh
|Learned| rather remembered how it is feels when one doesn’t respect one’s physical limitations – and I really know now why I wanted to forget how miserable one can actually feel.
|Ate| see last month
|Drank| tea, water – had to miss out on the Altbierbowle while at home
|Thought| way too much!
|Was happy| to meet family and take advantage my parents having a garden
|Wished| for a control group for my experiment
|Planned|Breaks! To meet my family again soon (including sister/brother-in-law and little nephew) and supervise my parents’ kitchen renovation – don’t think anyone will let me do something, but I’m great at supervision – I make people work :-). And to go to KnitNation
|Bought|  most amazing static foil for the bathroom – finally we have some light!
|Clicked| random things


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