Things we loved lately

DiDonato in Cendrillon, Santa Fe © Ken Howard 2006 - isn't it a gorgeous stage?

There were lots of things that I disliked lately, namely not being able to be part of the KnitNation crew due to a stomach bug, having to push myself over the physical stress limit, which makes me feel like a squeezed lemon, and writing like a woman possessed for my final dissertation and new PhD proposal (btw: thanks to R who had some amazing ideas on how to make this project more interesting!). It actually would be more fun as well if I wouldn’t have to push myself so hard – some hours of rest are just non-negotiable, and I lost nearly all of last week due to the stomach bug – sigh. With G doing lots of overtime (again) and me not being able to do much else than write, eat and sleep, our place looks a bit like after a bomb blast….

How could I name this post “things we loved” and than start with things I hated…?? Well, I cannot pretend that the bad stuff doesn’t exist (namely pain over a certain threshold becomes very difficult to ignore) and it might be a bit difficult at times to remember the good things, but they were there. Like:

  • Joyce DiDonato, Alice Coote, Ewa Podles & Eglise Gutiérrez in Laurent Pelly’s production of Cendrillon by Massenet – fairy tales do come true! Wonderful music, great singing (some magical – fairy-like – notes) and a charming production – so worth going despite being so physically stressed out!  We loved it! We loved it even more, because G got us tickets for the opening night (eek!) despite having been caught in the online queue for a very long time! Pictures from ROH’s opening night can be found here.
  • Final concert of our experimental group of 50years+ participants finally learning an instrument all saying it was “a life long ambition fulfilled”. Our 10 week piano course was held in the rooms of the New Horizons centre. Hidden away in a court yard, this small centre is a little haven offering a wide variety of courses (we had a belly dance class next to us) and all based on volunteer work. They also do knitting courses, so if you feel you have a yarn surplus that could be given to charity…  let us know 🙂
  • Family weekend with everyone (disliked G’s dentist appointments and the stomach bug passed on to me by R: he’s just too generous at times…) and taught little A how to squeak (things aunties are good for).
  • Making a huge no-knead bread (thanks to parents having amazingly big pots) with my sister for our grill party, convincing her it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes (ok, 10 if you count the cleaning process as well) to get a home made bread.
  • A response to Tommasini’s Top 10 list from 8-year-old Lucas Amory, the son of violists Misha Amory (of the Brentano String Quartet) and Hsin-Yun Huang. Have a look:


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