Freedom to change

via unpluggd

For weeks I’ve just seen the bedroom walls – somehow I don’t like working in the living room. The reason for this might be the constant road works, repair works on the houses – the bedroom is quieter (comparatively).

It’s not time for the beach (yet) and with all this rain, I don’t feel it’s summer. I’m still on the ‘writing like a woman possessed’ trip, but my first draft of the proposal is done (and waits to be torn to pieces by G) – so today is a resting day and time for a change – though just for my desktop. I’ve been wanting to try out the geektool for a while and today was the day. The result is that our Macs now have customised backgrounds – of course I couldn’t stop after I got the hang of it :-). If you feel like a change and want an different outlet for your creativity, you’ll find the article on unpluggd here. Have fun!

Making Ratatouille’s ratatouille via smitten kitchen and the return of the Dampfnudel (part 2): happy weekend!


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