And it’s July Retro

… belated, thanks to our mini-holiday

Cap Roig

View from the cliff garden in Cap Roig

|Listened to| not much – mostly to audiobooks, trying to calm down our hyperactive brains
|Read| A lot about various things related to current dissertation and future projects – interesting
Watched| sunsets 🙂
|Did| wrapped up experiment, started process for continuing to study, saw wonderful new opera, met old friends again, held said friends’ hands when their drain pipe clogged up , which really wasn’t their idea of summer holiday (thankfully it got fixed comparatively quickly, but they’ll have to get a new one eventually), went swimming in the sea (sort of for me – the water was cold!), got stung by mosquitoes (every year the same), hated Ryanair (no news there, just the harassment changes every year to something new) and slept under a tent (well, a mosquito net to be exact)
|Learned| some things are good and come unexpectedly
|Ate| lots of seafood
|Drank| tea, water – and cider to celebrate the start of the holiday
|Thought| that Spanish police/customs men are cute and friendly
|Was happy| to meet family and friends
|Wished| for more rest
|Planned| to go to the big Swedish shop for a table and a shelf (ikeahacker rocks for ideas)
|Bought| a red handbag
|Clicked| too many things to remember

Cap Roig

Cap Roig - it looks like bad weather, but believe me it was hot!


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