Motivation, where hast thou gone?

snail on a computer via pinterest

I should be working on my project, which – by the way – is going nearly as slowly as can been seen on this picture. This project takes three steps forward and two steps back – frustrating! Circumstances this week weren’t really helpful to get focused with all the stuff going on here in London. Thankfully, we managed to stay out of the worst, but hearing what happened not too far away from us, and seeing the pictures was distressing.

And today I’m not highly motivated – as you can see – I wish I could be at home with everyone and play with little A… (sigh) We had our very first (slightly one-sided) phone conversation yesterday and R emailed the monthly picture:

Little A and his moomin

Isn’t this the cutest babyfishmouth? Ok, ok I’m biased, but still – isn’t he cute? Hm, maybe he will be a singer: his great-grandfather was a terrific tenor.. The little guy is preparing for his first big holiday – and R’s finally on paternity leave and my sister still has two months left of her maternity leave – now they can all hang out together. I’ve told him this can lead to interesting creative projects as can be seen here

Time to get back to work… I want to try and make some preserves this weekend, but first I need to have typed some more words into my document…. Have you planned something nice for the weekend?

Edit: I did hang out with everyone via skype sitting on the kitchen table watching them (all except little A) eat waffles, and little A tackling the quest ‘drinking from a glass’ for the first time in his life (camomile & fennel tea). I’m now having milk from Oma’s yellow Tupperware cup (which she got for us when we were little) & a couple of Spanish cookies –  and now it’s back to writing.


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