A new project…. and lots of new recipes

Before and after.... via pinterest

So – I’ve reached the point of having to change something in order to go forward. I can’t really look at myself in the mirror without a degree of horror, don’t even want to start thinking about what to wear at my friend’s wedding in September, and generally think my fitness level sucks. Really time for some drastic measures.

It might seem like a bit of overkill, but then one should never do things with half measures. Low and behold, I am starting on a diet. In order to get myself into the mood, I borrowed some inspiration from Sheryl Yvette. And here are the things I had on my list to get started:

√     get some inspirational books on nutrition, attitude, etc, etc. (the first one I’m reading is Skinny Bitch by Rory
Freedman and Kim Barnouin”…. hilarious so far)

√     get some inspirational cook books (this girl isn’t doing a diet on tasteless, boring, food!!!) – luckily Amazon had
the three cook books on sale, that I have been eying for ages: Moro, Casa Moro, and Ottolenghi – the Cookbook. I
thought I might share some of the ideas here…

√    get a new pair of trainers, and get walking, stair climbing, biking, etc. (again, lucky me: a sale of Rockport shoes…)

√    sign up to WeightWatchers – yes, I finally did it. I am trying the online programme (although I have to say I find it
rather scary just how much food the programme seems to think I consume daily. There is no way I could eat as
much as they suggest. I have an inkling the programme calculated daily amounts from my current weight and
decided I am eating about twice as much as I really am. Hmm. Wait and see, I guess)

My new trainers

Today’s menu was:

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit (v. yummy red grapefruit), bread (self-made no-knead bread – sourdough version), 1 boiled egg, tea

Lunch: well… sort of worked through lunch and had some bread and hummus around 5pm… must work on this

Dinner: Courgette-wrapped lamb kebabs (Ottolenghi – The Cookbook) and Ratatouille’s Ratatouille – great recipe by Smitten Kitchen (and genius idea to serve it with goats cheese – yum!!)

…. and a piece of Valor sugar-free chocolate (yey!). Something we brought back from Spain. Long may it last!!!

So far, so good. If I get to cook and eat gorgeous food like this, I might just stick with it….


2 thoughts on “A new project…. and lots of new recipes

  1. tounesol says:

    We would have had lunch at a reasonable time – if they’d had a toilet seat in the first shop… never been forced to buy so many toilet seats in my life! gngngngngngn

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