Gourmet diet.. week 1

1 week and lots of wonderful food later, and so far so good.  Although I did lose a little over 2 pounds (yey!), it really has mostly been an “eat-all-your-favourite-foods-and-discover-some-new-ones” extravaganza. I had so much fun making – and eating – all this beautiful food, and M has announced she will take care that I stay on this diet for the rest of our house-sharing lives (completely selfless, I’m sure…). She has also been such a good trooper and got up with me just after 6am every morning to do 20 minutes of yoga exercises, apart from one morning when we both felt rather dire. Thanks to Chaz for his great yogamazing podcasts! 🙂 The only thing I found really hard was to stay away from the goodies cupboard at work. Even when work is quite intense, and I am busy (and at the moment I am busy but it’s super-quiet due to so many people being away on summer holidays), I am a boredom and stress eater. In fact, my mind even wonders to food when I am most distinctly full. Eating fruit (surprisingly the Weight Watchers point system doesn’t allocate points to any fresh fruit, even bananas!) has helped me to get past this. And drinking many pots of Mint, Lemongrass or Jasmine green tea.

(Mostly) New foods this week, as in the pictures above:

1. Ratatouille’s Ratatouille (as envisioned by Smitten Kitchen) – ok, we’ve made this one a couple of times already. Still great!!

2. No-knead bread (a fresh batch)

3. Blanched almonds for Casa Moro pistachio and almond tart

4. Moroccan Eggs (Casa Moro)

5. A fresh batch of home-made granola: this time I included jumbo oats, macadamia and cashew nuts, almonds, dried apples, dried berry mix, allspice, cinnamon, aniseed, and a little fruit-juice sweetened jam.  I am completely addicted to making our own granola – the entire flat smells beautiful and welcoming. If you are making your own granola for the first time, try Chocolate & Zucchini’s Basic Granola Formula!

6. Green Tahini Sauce (Ottolenghi, the Cookbook)

7. Sopa de Guisantes (Moro, Pea Soup with Jamon and Mint)

8. Sunday splurge: Pistachio and Almond Tart (Casa Moro) – beautiful tart. Almost like orange-pistachio marzipan (sweetened with some of the grape juice sweetened jam. I would use either one of the St. Dalfour ones, or SuperJam), but would love to learn more about other brands that don’t use sugar, agave syrup, or artificial sweeteners, since neither M’s nor my system can cope with them.

9 & 10. Kosheri with Tomato Sauce (Ottolenghi, the Cookbook) – YUM!!! What can I say…

Bring it on, week 2!


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