Diet… week 2

The cooking spree continues….

More gorgeous food… this week’s favourite was definitely – and quite unexpectedly – leek and yoghurt soup with mint from the Moro cookbook. I would suggest going a bit easier on the butter than suggested, and maybe find a slightly less fat yoghurt than the greek yoghurt listed, but it’s really a great easy recipe, and since leeks are in season just now, this is the perfect comfort food. I didn’t think my diet would survive the churros and hot (sugar free) chocolate. However, both M and I could only eat 2.5 churros each for breakfast, and then didn’t touch any food until after 2pm. Quite a treat!! We then proceeded to walk off the calories by hunting for balcony brackets for one of our planters. Even lost some weight again this week… lets see if this continues.

By the way, I find it quite funny that aside from our (almost) daily early morning yoga, all the activities I seem to enter into my WeightWatchers activity points tracker are something like: “energetic gardening” or “stringent house work”… (I did work up a sweat, though… really!) Any suggestions for future work-outs? I downloaded a free pedometer app onto my iPhone, and found out that I walk at an average speed of 5.4km/h on my way to work – things you always wanted to know and never dared to ask.

One such work-out was last week’s re-potting event (25 litres of new compost are now sitting in the pots and planters on our balcony). The plants on our tiny balcony look ever so much happier, and the rosmary and thyme you can see on this week’s food mosaic are from our own plants (beam).

Our little balcony garden

It was a lovely week in many ways, although M is engaged in an ongoing daily duel with her MSc dissertation (and winning, I might add!!). Our (English) friend and former house mate H visited from Germany for a couple of days, and it was just like old times. Long conversations in the evening, and fighting ever so hard to get out of bed in the morning.

By the way, if you would like to have a look at the original food pictures on flickr, you can follow the links below:

1. Marinated-Aubergines, 2. Carrots-and-hummus, 3. Churros-and-hot-chocolate,4. Warm-pumpkin-and-chickpea-salad-with-tahini2, 5. Tomato-sauce, 6. Leek-and-yoghurt-soup, 7. Preserved-lemons, 8. Chopping-carrots-2, 9. Green-bean-pilaf,10. chickpeas-and-spinach-with-honeyed-sweet-potatoes, 11. Herbs-from-the-balcony,12. Chicken-fattee-with-rice,-crispbread-and-yoghurt


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