Diet… week 3

Week 3

Really quickly before I get back to proof reading: 2 pounds lost this week, worked out by carrying 20 litres of water back from the store (as well as the rest of the shopping), since no streetcar was available when I needed it for the weekly shopping (grrmpff). Oh well, who else can say they used their weekly shopping to work up a sweat and earn WeightWatchers activity points? I think I carried about 60 pounds altogether… Anyway, what you see above is:

1. Manti (self-made pasta, filled with a lamb-onion-parsley filling, cooked in broth and covered with yoghurt sauce: to be found in the Moro cookbook. Yum!!)

2. Self-baked foccacia with parsley and garlic topping (Ottolenghi, the cookbook)

3. Spiced beef and hummus salad (Moro)

4. The cooking aftermath

5. Mortar and pestle, ready to grind the spices for this week’s edition of self-made granola

6. Split red lentil and cabbage soup

7. Self-baked foccacia with red onion and goat’s cheese topping (Ottolenghi, the cookbook)

8. Roasted potatoes with sage, tomatoes and olives

9. Cooked apples, ready to be made into apple sauce to keep M. eating something while I am at work


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