Weekend projects

A little while ago, I had to put my part-time Ethnomusicology MA on ice (a.k.a. take a leave of absence). Too much over-time at work, too slow/light-touch tutorial support, too much illness for a long period of time (close shave with pneumonia), house hunt, house move, financial pressures, and the feeling that I stopped being a good friend and support to those I love – especially my wonderful friend M, whom I had promised to support when she embarked on her MSc, full well knowing that this is a huge, difficult endeavour for a CFIDS/ME sufferer.

After my initial disappointment at feeling like a quitter, I have discovered the freedom of having some time on hand to take on projects, such as starting a gourmet diet, gardening on our tiny balcony, doing 20 minutes of yoga each morning, finally finishing H’s and A’s quilted wedding present, and…. turning very Martha Stewart!

This weekend, the focus was kitchen and living room: here is our kitchen before (note the tupper ware storage in the CD shelf? Well, we’ve gone a but further than that now….)

Our kitchen before

One visit to IKEA later:

The parts...

And after some assembly action (including hammering – oh, yes neighbours, we can make some noise, too! Particularly satisfying when you have had basses thumping through the walls all afternoon):

IKEA folding table 'Norden" has entered our tiny kitchen!

And this is what it looks like when we have lunch:

Norden in action

Oh, and dig this…. our Benno shelf, living room top shelf and spice drawer after the little project:

Benno & tupperware after project

Top shelf after project

Spice drawer after project.. all neatly labelled (yes, don't say it: I actually get excited about labelled spice glasses)

M is frantically working on finishing the first complete draft of her MSc project dissertation. All prayers and crossed fingers and toes ever so welcome: she has been so unwell that she’s not been able to leave the house on her own (or mostly at all) over the last week, and her doctor is urging her towards complete rest for at least the rest of the month. Not an easy thing to do when you are finalising a dissertation! We only just made it to lovely J’s wedding on Thursday, and only because I was driving door to door, and because we left right after dinner and before the dancing… So sorry, J – we would have loved to be there longer and dance with you!!!!!

It is what it is, however, so now back to proof reading (after quickly doing this week’s diet menu plan and shopping list… oh, and going shopping: another 4 hours before the shops close).

M's very relaxed feet (ehem) while writing her dissertation


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