I’m handing in my Master’s dissertation today! Or to be more specific – G’s organising a courier service to hand in my dissertation for me: I’m (finally) doing what the doctor ordered two weeks ago: bed rest (emphasis on rest). Despite having had fever the last 2 weeks (nearly non-stop) sitting in a dark room (and wearing sunglasses – ehm, yes, it was that bad), not using the computer for anything but the dissertation (almost), working through one night to conquer the ‘stats’ problem (insomnia is good for something at the end)…. it’s done. Squeeek! It comes at a price, with all the accumulated stress from the exam time (which I haven’t quite been able to shake off, as my experiment was running through that time) I pushed my body over the edge. I know, I know, not the thing you’re supposed to do having this illness… and yes after 15 years I should have known better. I contemplated all the sides and then decided to jump… I don’t think that it will get any brownie points, my college doesn’t really value this kind of commitment (I mean the being determined, not the being insanely possessed and pushing your body over the edge to be able to succeed-type of behaviour) But I did finish on time! HA!

I wasn’t able to do the poster presentation (the poster is done – in case you’re wondering) and will have to re-sit that…. There was no way I could have left the house all by myself never mind add the stress of a presentation. It sounds funny, especially if one thinks about where (and in front of how many people) I have performed already, but my body decided that it had enough and any more than just writing (and re-writing) was simply too much. And I’ll miss the leaving drinks tonight with all the guys – enormous sigh.

Ah, and contrary to the picture, my dissertation is blue not orange — although that is something to keep in mind for the PhD dissertation….but that adventure won’t start before January… lots of time to figure out the design for that 🙂

The diet week post will not be posted this week,- poor G had her hands full taking care of me … she’ll fuse 2 weeks together. The food is still amazing around here, the seared pistachio tuna with mango salsa for the Friday dinner – oh soooo yummy!!!


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