Birthday and food

Marinated Aubergines with Tahini Sauce

This has been M’s birthday week! On the actual birthday, we got up at 4.20am (!!), took a taxi to St Pancras Station to catch the first morning train from London to Paris. A bit bleary-eyed – ok, very bleary-eyed – but very excited to be spending the day in Paris, we were on our way…. and fell asleep on the train. A little less bleary-eyed, we met up with M’s parents for a café crème and walked through beautiful, sunny streets, starting in the Marais. The day saw a repeat visit to Goumanyat, some shopping at the BHV, lunch (with birthday song) at the Relais de Venise, more birthday singing at M’s parents’ hotel with lovely birthday gifts, tea at Marriages Frères, window shopping, people watching, taking the metro, and some falafel from l’As du Falafel for the train ride back (last train of the day, of course). A loooong, long, day with lovely people, celebrating a wonderful friend’s birthday. How lucky am I?!

Today, we let the birthday week come to a really fun end, as we celebrated with some great friends, who came for brunch/mezze in our tiny flat. Pure happiness! More about the food in another post (I owe you a little cooking recap from the last 2 weeks), but here is a sneak preview….

Self-baked Focaccia


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