Food… weeks 4-7

Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7 in pictures

Finally a weekend with some breathing space. The sun is shining and it feels more like early August than October with 27 degrees celsius.

I’m listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duets and am happy to be alive – a lazy Sunday afternoon (the first really lazy Sunday since March it seems….)

On the weight loss front it’s not going so well: despite meticulously calculating WW points and stepping up the exercise (I’ve been biking to work as well as keeping up the 30 mins of morning exercise… still don’t like getting up at 6am), weight’s going up not down. Grrmpff!

Never mind – here are the long overdue food pictures from the last few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed all the beautiful colours, flavours, aromas, textures, and generally the cooking challenge. A few of them are repeat favourites, but there is a number of new mezze (tried out for M’s birthday) that I simply love. Favourites: Seared peach and speck salad and focaccia, and the pecan and cherry granary bread (Ottolenghi cookbook). Yum! Best quick fix for lunch: take corn on the cob (leaves and all still attached), put in the oven for 15-20 mins, peal out of its leaves and cut off the cob, add some green salad leaves, lemon or grapefruit juice, salt, pepper, onion, tomatoes (or whatever else you fancy adding) – et voilà 🙂 The carrot, apple and pecan cake doubles up as a breakfast muffin, and the leek & yoghurt and verduras de murcia mezze (on the mezze plate) were great as well.
1. Seared-peach-and-speck-salad, 2. Sweet-potatoe-gratin, 3. Focaccia, 4. Pecan-and-cherry-bread-in-the-making, 5. Pecan-and-sour-cherries-bread, 6. Sourdough-Bread, 7. Apples for apple sauce, 8. Seared-tuna-with-pistachio-crust, 9. Tuna, 10. Corn-salad, 11. Pumpkin-salad-in-the-making, 12. Warm-pumpkin-and-chickpea-salad, 13. Marinated-aubergines, 14. Carrot,-apple-&-pecan-cake, 15. Poached-chicken-in-the-making, 16. Poached-chicken-with-spelt-and-veg, 17. Bean-and-hazelnuta-salad, 18. Mezze, 19. Mexican wrap, 20. Carrots-and-hummus, 21. Asian-veg-stir-fry-with-chicken, 22. Pasta-with-beans, tomatoes and goats’ cheese, 23. Roasted Sweet potatoes, 24. Home-made-granola


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