Looking back, September

… and of course I missed August. I was halfway through September before I noticed…

Paris on my birthday - garden of the Musée des Archives Nationales

|Listened to| mostly audiobooks, trying to calm down our hyperactive brains; as far as music goes, Wagner’s Ring – and yes, I can produce a graph and listen to the beginning of Siegfried all at the same time 🙂 and Kathleen Battle & Wynton Marsalis Baroque Duets
|Read|cook book and my own dissertation (does this count?)
Watched| Océan (finally) in 2 parts as we don’t actually manage to stay awake for an entire film lately…
|Did| finished and handed in my dissertation, tried to be good and rest (difficult), went to Paris for my birthday (amazing), had a great after-birthday-party here (G organised it all for me so all I had to do was show up and enjoy it!) with lovely friends (somehow it also turned into a house mates re-unite party), got bikes fixed (not allowed to use mine yet, but G’s been cycling to work every morning since) and knitted (yey!)
|Learned| that some things are just unpredictable
|Ate| technically not my area, since G’s writing the food posts, but lots of fantastic food –  can I mention an amazing chocolate cake for my birthday 🙂
|Drank| tea, water and cider (wait –  no – that is still in the fridge) so corrected version: tea, water and coffee
|Thought| people do still sing for my birthday
|Was happy| to meet family and friends
|Wished| I was there to see little A doing a superman impression (saw it on emailed video – soo cute!)
|Planned| to have my family here for my graduation
|Bought| spices at Goumanyat (et son royaume), océans (DVD), Mariage Frères Tea, funny story: they suggested to try their Prince Igor composition, asking if we knew that one already to which I replied that I didn’t know Prince Igor personally but I did know the opera… well sort of: I knew it was an opera by Borodin. After some research it turns out this opera actually has the Polovtisian Dances in it, and those are fairly popular on classical radio, even if you don’t listen to opera – have a look here at the Kirov version. We now refer to this tea as Князь Игорь.
|Clicked| NDR Radio


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