snoopy via Pinterest

: start knitting shawls/socks/jumpers/mittens/hats (seriously thinking about sheep heid from Kate Davies – fits the overall sheep design of this blog…)
: wearing shawls/jumpers/socks/mittens/hats previously knitted (see point above)
: thinking about warm soups (I know, I know, and I was craving spaghetti for breakfast  – it’s a weird day)
: wearing boots
: putting summer clothes away and getting winter things ready (not super organised this time – compared to the previous year)
: maybe trying out how the fire place works (now that we can reach it)
: start thinking about Christmas gifts/food…
: get excited about crisp air/hot chocolate/apple pie/roasts (and why am I thinking about food again?)/hot baths/blankets and cuddeling

autumn knitting

listening to audiobooks...


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