Wednesday love

Moroccan Eggs for Breakfast

: NDR Radio for their use of German words (=making up weird ones) and making us smile with their sweet mispronunciations of English words; best today: caterpillar = cater (like catering) and pillar, telling us how the weather is going to be at home and giving us a heart attack every time with the 9.00 am news (it’s ok, it’s ok – only 8am in London) and making us believe we’re late…
: breakfast, especially with Marco Polo tea and N’s bread 🙂
: sunshine
: not having an immediate deadline looming over my head

the big non-♥ on the list is the Münster Stadtbibliothek (library) for their (sorry to say this) crappy online system, forcing you to use Windows Media Player on their books and video – and glueing you to your computer to read books (eg not transferable to other devices). And there I was thinking it would be so easy to get some German books/audio books and movies from home…. How about making this accessible for Apple users as well without jumping through several hoops? Just a thought…


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