The weekend list

Portuguese apple cake

Things to do on the weekend (in no particular order)

  1. eat soup  – I know, weird, but then again it’s soup week on The Kitchn and I’ve been staring at pictures of soup every morning (plus G’s just perfectionated the Mazo balls in our chicken soup)
  2. sew
  3. buy interface – the second time -the pattern didn’t want to be tied down to a specific amount in the list of ‘what to buy’…
  4. clean
  5. vacuum
  6. do laundry
  7. go shopping (there are lots of things one can throw in a soup – no, celery is not part of it)
  8. sleep
  9. listen to audio books
  10. read (fictional things, definitely non work related)
  11. curl up under blanket
  12. drink tea/coffee
  13. bake

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