October Retro

|Listened to| Richard Wagner’s Siegfried in preparation for the Met at the Movies next Saturday, and to audio books. We finished our Mrs Polifax Series read by Barbara Rosenblat (there might be more available, but audible.de doesn’t have them) and moaned that audible still (!) doesn’t have The Secrets of the Ordinary Farm by Tad/Beale. sigh. I know it’s out there in German. I’ve seen it on Amazon.de so why doesn’t audible have it although they are part of the Amazon Family ??
Watched|Bébés – in which we learned that essentially cats bring up the children, no matter from which culture they come
|Did| Belated oral presentation of my dissertation project, rested (rested, and rested some more), painted my Gorm shelf (the one that the big yellow/blue shop doesn’t do any more – the new version’s called Sten) white, re-fashioned 2 old T-shirts (inspired by Anthropology), baked lots of muffins (mostly a somewhat healthy version with carrots & apples) and started to sew again…
|Learned| more about cultural differences between Germany and Britain (I know, even after all these years)
|Ate| apparently lots of muffins… although I think we froze some as well…
|Drank| tea, water and coffee, in exactly that order
|Thought| do people really (particularly neighbours) need loud music at 7am in the morning?
|Was happy| to see friends
|Wished| I would feel a bit better faster – sigh
|Planned| to do a Christmas list (honestly, I’ll not make it to Christmas day this year otherwise, my body has a weird way with (lack of) energy lately so I’d better be organised)
|Bought| an early birthday present for G at Timbuk2, because she’s been taking the bike to work every day and the zip on her backpack was beyond repair. She was using my backpack – which is not waterproof any more … you see, an early birthday present was in order. (I had to have one myself, since a non-waterproof bag is not good for the laptop), paint and primer, sewing material.
|Clicked| NDR Radio for breakfast


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