What’re doing?

via niceroom

After a pretty miserable last week with fyoi (fight your own illness) I now manage to sit up in bed, propped up against all my pillows.
So we had lots of comfort food (if Kartoffelpuffer – sort of like Hash Browns in a round version – count amongst this), lots of sleep (probably more than little A had), read some books (finally figured out how to put the library books on my phone – part of why it took so long was actually the library’s fault for migrating to a new server and then having lots of file hiccups), wore the usual comfort outfit (soft t-shirt & blanket) and watched a mind-numbing amount of films (I did fall asleep during most of them, except for Molière which was great fun to watch and listen to – and now gets quoted a lot in our house – makes me want to read Molière again, and I’ll have to wait until I go home for Christmas where all my books are – V gave me a commented version of Molière works when she stayed with us wayyy back). I managed to finish the first of some Christmas knits (is it ok that knitted hats for toddlers fit my own head? Seems excessively large…), working on the second one and on my secret project (which is not for Christmas and involves a lot of family fun and this is all I’m going to say about it 🙂 ) and on not doing too much (which is problematic as I do have some energy and then waste it all in 5 minutes, feel ill again and crawl back to bed cursing that I should have known better if I’d be more clever/disciplined/etc. I could now sit happily in bed and knit if only I hadn’t…)

I’m working on it…


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