November Retro

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|Listened to| The Secrets of the Ordinary Farm by Tad/Beale; unfortunately only the abridged version, which I usually dislike, but I really wanted to know what would happen in the book, and I loved it – despite the feeling to be constantly roasted over a small fire as the abridged version doesn’t leave a moment to relaxtotally bought the idea of the mushroom (loved it – my friend S called them the pest of modern times) Eragon (the last book) and yes it’s finally ended, could have done with 35% less of the book, but then I fell asleep anyway… so it was a good thing.
Watched| lots of nonsense
|Did| rest and rest (mostly), read, knit and wait
|Learned| yeast is more temperamental than I thought…
|Ate| tons of comfort food
|Drank| tea (various teas and flavours) and water
|Thought| all in all we have been lucky – especially after I stumbled over Claudine’s story (on several blogs actually  – I know it’s in German and you might need to use a google translator, but the story shocked me as much as the help pouring from the blogosphere is amazing)
|Was happy| to have some peaceful moments
|Wished| I would feel a bit better faster (still) – sigh
|Planned| Christmas (so no, I won’t say more)
|Bought| see ‘planned’ above
|Clicked| NDR Radio for breakfast (what would weekday mornings be without it?)


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