11 from 2011

Riccarda from the 23qm Stil Blog asked what the favourite pictures from this year were… It poses a little bit of a problem that we didn’t take that many this year.. and that some of them didn’t turn out well e.g. my sister’s wedding & baby shower – but how are you supposed to organise this secretly and do great pictures – oh, and I have a very curious sister, poor R endured a couple of good grillings from her, but he didn’t say a word, so that the whole thing stayed a secret until she opened the door! Good choice of a brother in law!

But back to the subject. 11 aus 2011 (or 11 from 2011): What did we do?

Got out from underneath the chaos of moving

Bus rides to college…

… no – alas – this is not my college. But nice view from the bus!

Writing (re-writing, correcting) assignments, dissertation and new applications and learning for exams…

a peaceful process for everyone…. especially the all-night stats quest which left me all relaxed as you can see…

getting my sister married off and organising her baby shower (read: “knit lace blanket” – G actually started almost on the day my sister told us she was pregnant – “and hand puppets, Rafi jumper and an owl mobile”)

welcoming my first nephew (who, now, apparently looks into a career as a botanist…personally I predict a career as a ballet dancer – hehehe)

saying good-byes and remembering

Having a microscopic holiday

enjoying the sun from the balcony (us or the plants?)

Getting our kitchen table (and no, the little flowers on the table are not edible – that question has been asked though…)

Reminding ourselves that we need good food and time to eat and extensive Sunday breakfasts… (kitchen table helps)


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