Last day of work

London morning sky

Yey!! Nearly done getting up early – for this year… and almost everything is ready for Christmas.  M’s parents transformed into something like ‘gift central’ for the gifts that weren’t home made … but a lot of gifts are home made (motto: ‘I’ve made something I pinned’ – actually, we made a lot of what we pinned) still 1 1/2 are still waiting to be finished/started, BUT tomorrow is free, except for a – hopefully – short trip to the genius bar and lunch with former housemate J – if she can get away from the Christmas madness.

Look what we've made!

So, G’s just finishing off her holiday hand-over notes and almost ready to disappear from the office, and M’s working on the graphic and translation challenges for one of her Christmas gift projects. Back to work for just a little longer…


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