January Retro

via lovereadingandwriting.tumblr.com

|Listened to| the smooth and gentle sound of a new hair dryer 🙂
|Read| couple of books on my Christmas Kindle 🙂 no major literature, just fun simple things – contrasting the rather heavy literature by Scholl-Latour, which little nephew is ‘reading’ on his January picture… ah the advantage of being the child of academics 🙂
|Watched| The Enchanted Island in HD –  A and I were doing pastiche operas when we were kids (much to our mothers’ horror as it involved re-arranging the living room drastically), so it was quite interesting to see what the Met had done with that subject 🙂 fun to watch, some great singers; the costume make-up artists were terrific, some odd choices in re-texing the old music and some rather ‘PDQ-esque’ Bach choices in recitatives; and a big cheer for the extras (or supers as they are called there) who were hanging (sorry floating) gracefully as mermaids!
|Did| another interview for a PhD place
|Learned| not really, rather reminded than learning that life likes to take its own course
|Ate| Flammkuchen and Pizza, made following recipes from Plötzblog; first Flammkuchen ever (obviously I should have tried this out before, such a simple dinner recipe!) and best pizza dough I’ve made so far: crispy, but no Wasa-quality and not soggy – both recipes will be repeated! Postponed to February: the Ravioli with black pudding on Riesling cabbage (minus the Riesling for us)
|Drank| tea (various teas and flavours) and water
|Thought| breathe in — breathe out — and breathe in again —
|Was happy| to have a fantastic family and friends
|Wished| I could have gone to my own graduation, but my body was not up to it – so no picture of me in a bat suit 😦
|Planned| to (continue to) get organised, which included finishing the left-over sewing projects from last year and painting the shelves to finish organising the bedroom
|Bought| A super large colourful duvet cover from Anthropology in the sale – at least, I think that is what they sold it as, but it gets used as a throw here
|Clicked| Frühstück bei Stephanie and I blame my cousin C for this addiction 🙂 part of her Christmas present were CDs from this radio show  – we get it as a podcast not the life version which airs at 6:17 – maybe this will be a plan for a month with more light in the mornings – who knows…


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