I though it would be fun (or a good exercise) to participate in the ‘beauty is where you find it’ challenge by luzia pimpinella. The main idea is to practice your ability to see and find beauty in normal every-day life – and possibly even take a picture of it. A great idea to remind oneself of what beautiful things one already has in daily life. Today’s challenge is pairs (being things, numbers or what ever you find).
I already though it might be a great idea to take part in January. I had the first blog post prepared, ready to upload, but my body, obviously, differed on this… so January came and went without me taking part (sigh). New try today!

The red glass paperweight was given to me by my friend A, after a long night of trying out her partner’s new recording studio. I oh-so wished we would have had sound proofing that night, because a lonely motor bike was audibly passing by in the middle of T’s super-elegant playing… in the softest moment of a Fauré song. Those things always happen at the softest moments, don’t they? I have to say A and her partner W live in the middle of nowhere, the likelihood of a motor bike (or anything else with a motor) passing by, especially at that time of night, was minuscule – obviously not small enough, though! And yes A&W are night owls and always work/write/record at that time of night, in case you’re wondering. T’s magic playing moment was ruined, but we couldn’t stop laughing when we listened back to this tape for weeks after that! T passed away of leukemia a couple of years after this recording, so it’s a rare and wonderful memory of happy times.

The other glass paper weight was given to me by my mother some years ago when I moved to London, in order to keep the red one company. She chose one that had some red clouds in the middle and the light breaks through differently, depending on the time of day. They make a great pair together.

Head over to luzia (who actually writes in German, but has an English translation added) to see who else participated or maybe you’d like to take part too…


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