Random tuesday findings

Some random findings  – instead of filling out 30000 application forms to help me pay my student fees…

Twittering endangers your health twittered Frau Esskultur on Sunday morning, and gave us the best recipe for Zimtschnecken (or cinnamon twists) we’ve ever tried.

Zimtschnecken - before baking

We managed to replace the sugar with Fig jam by Dalfour (the trick was to mix the soft butter and the jam before you spread it on the dough). They smell great, make you happy, taste fantastic when they come out of the oven – and (big plus) they freeze well, which means you can freeze them straight after they’re cool enough and defrost them for your breakfast. Simply perfect!  You see what we have done Sunday afternoon… and now we can have them for breakfast or for tea (although technically you should have them with coffee…)

You’ll find the recipe here. It’s in German (or probably I should say Austrian -there is a difference!), but if you’re familiar with baking a simple Google translation should help.

And while we are on the topic food it has to be said that Ploetzblog has the best pizza dough I’ve come across. It takes some pre-planning on when you want the pizza to be ready . The pre-dough takes 12-16 hours and the final dough still needs to rest in the fridge for 48 hours. Supposedly it can stay up to 7 days in the fridge before baking, but we haven’t managed to try this out… It was gone after 72 hours. I doubled the recipe as our Bosch kitchen helper doesn’t work well with small quantities of dough.  (The Flammkuchen dough is pretty good as well, but I have no direct comparison since I made Flammkuchen for the first time 3 weeks ago.) Both recipes are in German, but super straight forward (the man’s a geologist, maybe that helps for a less flowery style…?) For the pizza dough I gave up on the durum (but you can order it on Amazon.co.uk) and replaced it with bread flour.

Super cute findings from this morning (and not food-related) are the Roal Dahl stamps – how cute are they?!

and little A and his first book:

Little A choosing rather heavy literature for his first reading... the curse of being the child of academics... 🙂


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