Dominant Background(s)

For this Thursday Luzia asked us to think about dominant background(s) or “dominante Hintergründe”. I think we are starting to get the hang of it. Something that has dominated our life this week (especially for breakfasts):

Cinnamon swirls (Zimtschnecken) in the background, graduation flowers in the forefront (yes, They're still alive!)

Thinking about things dominating our lives from the background inevitably made us think about ACTA. Would this law pass, we could not share things on the net without fear that we might infringe on someone’s copyright unintentionally and face severe consequences. Photo-alongs like this one would not be possible, because blogs would be a big risk, as would be twitter or pinterest…. even quoting a newspaper clipping could bring you into trouble with the law. We had concert programs/web-content/creative ideas stolen from us more than once, and we try to take copyright very seriously (although Pinterest seems to be a bit borderline in this respect), but ACTA takes things so far that any content sharing can be viewed as potential criminal activity – no freedom of discussion even if sources are quoted properly.  This is dominating (or rather lurking in) all of our backgrounds, therefore let’s take a moment and think about it.

if you’d rather listen to the German version you’ll find it here.


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