Beauty is where you find it…

And your German word for today: Durchblick (haben) – a word with several meanings: vista, being able to look through something (like a clear window) or keeping things in perspective/understanding things… you see: a wonderful word – and not something we’ve been too good at in the last few weeks.

My uncle, my dad’s baby brother, died last week Monday, suddenly and unexpected and, as I have been told, peacefully. Checking my emails on Monday night waiting for an answer to a message I had sent, I read my cousin’s email, bewildered and at least four times before the truth started to sink in. Many members of my family lived a long life and he still had so many years in front of him. He composed a little song for me when I was little (with a not so nice text) which I still sing – especially when I can’t figure out how things go…. He married for the second time only five years or so ago and it feels like yesterday that we all danced at his wedding. My grandmother, still in good health at that time, showed greatest stamina in dancing with all six sons in a row and still not being tired! And I can still hear one of my uncles wanting more ‘love’ in his wedding soup: meaning more meatballs in the traditional wedding soup: a clear soup with meatballs. Those were happy times!

Concentration went a bit out of sync since. Which is technically not the greatest moment for this to happen (okay, let’s be fair: there is never a good moment for that!) G’s buried in her work and I’m snowed under with funding application forms for my PhD.  Yesterday, to change the spot where I work, I settled in the kitchen to finalise the first big application (it’s gone out today, so please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!) and figure out if I had all necessary materials. It was a peaceful moment watching over the buns rising in the oven and Flammkuchen and pizza starters – in case of the pizza starter it was necessary to keep a close eye as it climbed out of its container….

If you’d like to see how the picture theme works, or if you’d like to take part, you’ll find out more chez Luzia.


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