February Retro

1.laptop bear 2. writing & coffee 3. Ernani at the Met 4.Rheintöchter in Götterdämmerung 5. Ranuncula (spring come soon!) 6. Breakfast 7 Nuvola Sweater 8. Tea 9. Swing (not that we have on in the living room, but I’m sure my Mom would like to have one…)

|Listened to| Midnight in Paris (the Soundtrack)
|Read| a lot of application forms (and some trashy novels to counterbalance)
|Watched| Götterdämmerung and Ernani at the Met’s HD performances. Loved Deborah Voight’s Brünhilde and Jay-Hunter Morris’ Siegfried, he makes it such a loveable character and (of course) Ferruccio Furlanetto’s Silva – which is neither a loveable nor a happy character, but at least he survives the opera…
|Did| filled out application forms, lived in my Nuvola sweater because my neck’s only slowly getting better (turtle neck), had good rants about lots of things with my new PhD colleague from Austria, hung up the little bird hook I got for Christmas (those things take time!), watched a lot of (funny) French movies (which prompted G to wear her hair in a classic chignon now)
|Learned| let me say ‘was reminded of’ the fact that life is very fragile (and too short)
|Ate| Zimtschnecken (as you might know if you’ve been reading the blog…)
|Drank| tea (various teas and flavours) and water
|Thought| seriously?!?  This was due to the fact that I need a language certificate for my German funding application to prove that I do speak English – well it’s apparently not proof enough to have done a masters degree here…
|Was happy| to have friends and family & also for an unexpected Amazon voucher
|Wished| my little sister would come for a visit in June… maybe
|Planned| to fill out more application forms
|Bought| you mean, except food?


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