Weekend in Kew Gardens

Weekend in Kew Gardens

And your German word for this week: Frühlingsschnipsel = snippets of spring. Somehow it felt like that over the weekend, seeing all the flowers starting to bloom (I don’t mean the ones in the hot house). It made me realise what I miss here at this time of the year: the geese flying back north. The quacking sound you hear when you wake up  in the middle of the night (for no reason) and then you know: spring is coming! The geese are always right! It always made me happy, thinking it’s time to start working in the garden. Here, I do hear geese all right – they’re here all year. The advantage of this is that you get to see the little geese and ducklings in the spring- can’t have it all, I guess.

And with this, back to work and to figure out my way through more forms… At least it only took 4 days, 6 documents (with 30 pages each) and 2 people to figure out the guidance website saying that I could apply for EU funds was wrong. I guess they didn’t read all the documents in question… oh well, onto the next then!
If you like to see who else found beauty in everyday life have a look at Luzia’s blog and click here if you like to know how to take part.


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