weekend madness

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First sunshine was out and we (immediately) started the spring clean…

√ tried out the correct version of the bread rolls recipe with mixed flour –  kept to the hours (16) and place (fridge) and yes, it does work and it tastes great. The first round had tasted good, but looked more like mini rolls…
√ rode the bike (all weekend – and no, from a German perspective the word ‘bike lane’ does not apply to what they have here (e.g. draw a line on the bus lane and call it a bike lane..). You have to experience it to understand. I certainly had to. But, to be fair, it’s better than the no bike lanes that were there before.
√ helped with the spring clean at the church  – and got a private tour
√ dealt with some unpleasant letter activity (finally, all done and posted to the Ombudsman)
√ sat in the sunshine while working on it, trying out a new local café, which I’ve been wanting to try out for ages, but never had got round to. It’s only 10 minutes away by bike – how cool is that?
√ finished H&A’s wedding gift. Ehm… only 15 months, 1 1/2 degrees and 1 house move later than planned, we made it! You can see a first glimpse of it here scroll down to the bottom; more pictures will follow shortly.
√ posted the gift and it should be with the lucky people by Wednesday.
√ organised a surge protector (good advice from Dad) and have now re-connected (almost) all our electronic appliances through it.
√ tried to organise a telephone cable that would go via surge protector, but where not successful
√ shared breakfast in the sun
√ bought mint and a cute little inside bamboo plant
√ fixed G’s trousers
√ filed (almost all) the papers away. They started to pile up after I drastically had to prioritise things whilst writing the masters dissertation and recovering afterwards
√ made a new batch of cinnamon swirls

wow, what a list! I can’t believe we did all that and we had fun. Maybe it’s the sunshine and now it’s back to filling out forms and racing to get them posted so that they’ll be there on time… welcome back Monday!


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