Spass wie Bolle…

Time to get to know the unknown or …who is Bolle? Bolle features in several sentences like ‘Spass wie Bolle’ (direct translation fun like Bolle – meaning to have a total blast)

Bollerwagen - this one you can rent in Oldenburg ©

or ‘Stolz wie Bolle’ (to be proud as Bolle). But who is Bolle? Further enquiries indicate that Bolle could have been Johann Friedrich Andreas Bollmann, called Fritze Bollmann, (1852 -1901) – apparantly he went overboard from a boat on a lake and someone created a satirical poem about the incident. It could also have been a milk wholesaler in Berlin, who developed the so-called Bollerwagen (push cart now used for children) around the same time. So we keep reminding ourselves about Bolle – although I’m pretty sure not many people know who Bolle actually was…

Anyway, we had ‘Spass wie Bolle’ the last two weekends, just getting stuff done (especially for me when you have to economise the strength you have for the day ). The highlights were sitting in the sun and trying out what seems to be our new favourite coffee shop, and the moment we finally finished the wedding quilt for H&A and sent it over to them.

Wedding quilt finished

And some details:

As always, go to Luzia’s Blog to find out more and see who else took part.


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