March Retro

our own photos except where marked: 1. wedding quilt 2. introvert via tumblr 3. spring in a bottle Mary Ann Andrews 4. avocado bread 5. mug via tumblr 6. mini village in Kew Gardens exhibition 7. into the light Kew Gardens 8 pizza & salad lunch 9 daily inspiration via tumblr

|Listened to| random old  audiobooks when we couldn’t sleep
|Read| forms, and guidelines telling you how to fill them out…
|Watched| Pirates of the Caribbean: highlight of our Pizza-Friday-night-movie-night
|Did| helped to clean the church, had a good clean of the balcony, tried out a new coffee shop, rode our bikes, got the hallway electricity fixed and new chests of drawers (the old ones are still in front of the house – at home you’d get fined, wonder how it works here… non-organisation of our lovely unresponsive agency…), enjoyed the sun, went to see exhibitions: a) in Kew Gardens and b) (finally) the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy and loved both a lot, racing to the DHL pick-up-point like idiots to get my application delivered on time…, finished the wedding quilt, and  – personal challenge – managed to go out to work one day a week outside the house, sitting in the coffee shop with my laptop (yey for more strength! I really need to remind myself and take headphones, the music there is sometimes really weird – not to say disturbing, and I really should keep from drowning my phone in the loo next time…)
|Learned| to pre-draft things – it’s quicker
|Ate| re-fried black beans (a lot), soup, several versions of salad (oh well, 3 leaves for me and the rest for G who loves salad…), avocado bread, pizza, Kohlrabi (finally! so hard to find it here – miss it so much), green asparagus – and missing the white one (if I’m at home I’m missing the green one – sigh)
|Drank| tea, white coffee (= hot water + orange blossom water), water and cider – the one that was camping out in the fridge since handing in my Master’s dissertation, eh.. that shows how much we drink….
|Thought| never seen so many people who want to see an art exhibition at 10.00pm
|Was happy| to sit in the sun and ride my bike
|Wished| not to have so much migraine, it sucks
|Planned| to have some days off
|Bought| filling material, a surge protector and an iron (the old one nearly electrocuted us)
|Clicked|FreeMind and Huddle


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