Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow Lunch

It’s beauty where you find it day… and while we will explore new cities, we wouldn’t want to leave you without our weekly challenge picture.

This is my re-heated pizza from previous day dinner. The dough (still the best) is a recipe from Ploetzblog – though it does require some preparation as it needs to rest in the fridge for 48 hours – this means if you want your Friday-night-movie-night-pizza you’ll have to start some time on a Tuesday or at least on aWednesday for the pre-dough and add the rest ingredients 12 hours later, put in the fridge, take it out Friday evening, add some tomato sauce and cheese (plus some green salad leaves and some red pepper), and went it come out off the oven you’re ready for Friday night. The dough keeps up to 7 days in the fridge (we tried!) so if you do double the amount you still have something for your Saturday lunch or Monday dinner…. yes, pre-thinking helps!

As always for all other pictures or if you’d like to take part, go over to Ms Pimpinella’s blog.


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