Souvenir: zoo on Easter Sunday this year

The silly cold is still clinging to me as if I was the last one to catch it – this might possibly be the reason be why I labelled the statue of King Friedrich August ‘Luther’ and put the Kreuzkirche on the right instead of the left in the previous post. G took care of all those mistakes… she’s used to my left/right handicap and only gets upset if that happens in the car and we’re really late for something. In my defence, there is a statue of Luther on the same square – you just can’t see it from this perspective, but have a look here.

Easter Sunday, after three days of not-so-great weather –  4°C in Dresden which felt like -2°C, rain, wind, more rain, hail and snow, and the occasional sunshine after that – we had glorious sunshine and we all went to the zoo. My sister has a year’s family pass for the zoo; this is what you get when you combine children with a zoo-obsessed sister (me)… I once did an internship at our local zoo when I was still in my teens (biology was one of my majors in high school) complete with zoo school and feeding the gorillas. Amusing fact:  I did an internship at the local Opera house at the same time as well – looking back the two weren’t that different… but that would be a different post. Anyway, so back to the souvenir-theme – if you’d like to see more memories or like to take part in the ‘beauty is where you find it’ photo challenge, go over to Ms Pimpinella’s blog to find out more.


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