Yes, thank God it’s Friday. This is (hopefully) the end of a super-emotional-stressful week: test results from doctor’s visit coming back. This scored a personal high on the hysteria scale about false positives on test results…. Anyway, I have looked at Foto-Freitag by Ohh..Mhhh..& Okka (Photo Friday) for some time and thought it might be fun. So here we go for the first time:

Dein Urlaub dieses Jahr? Your holiday this year? I really don’t know if our week off qualifies as ‘holiday’, but it was oh-so-lovely to see old friends and family.


Dein Parfum? Your perfume?

Was tut dir gerade gut? What do you do to feel good right now?

Deine Farbe? Your color?

Green -at least at the moment...

Die schlimmste Fernsehsendung, die du gern guckst? The worst TV programme you enjoy watching? Ehm, can’t watch bad TV programmes – on a regular basis (or more than 10 minutes actually): they make me cringe. They really do.

Happy weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Photo-Friday

  1. frauheuberg says:

    I click me over from Steffi to your creative outlet and thought it would be nice to leave a message…;)…green is actually also one of my favorite colors and i love a hot milky coffee in the morning…and you? More tea or coffee? I´m very new in your life blog, so i hope only that all things will go the right way for you…finger crossing…;)…fine to jump here over and discover something new…all the best and cheers…i…

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