April Retro

Easter Sunday zoo outing

|Listened to| toddlers, babies and children explaining the world to us
|Read| Die Bahn forms on how to claim your money back if your train was delayed
|Watched| The West Wing (coming up to season 5 now – with special thanks to S!)
|Did| reconnected with old friends, visited a town in transformation, did yoga with little A, held a lot of kids’/babies’/toddlers’ small hands, played games, taught little A how to do zrbtt(s) (we’re working on the fine tuning….), went to the zoo, went to see the doctor (include here hysteria, frustration and loong talks into the night – which is particularly great if you’re supposed to be ‘fresh’ in the morning), read about scd diet and wondered if one should try this and about the practicality as well as some unanswered chemical questions (but getting confused messages about the whole thing from various sources- ending up even more confused), met up with former house-mate J and her friends from Brazil, went to museums and started PhD research project (the theory part, don’t get over-exited here)
|Learned| the more you ask, the more confused you might get
|Ate| Risotto, Paderborner Landbrot (which is surprisingly difficult to make if you can’t use the same flour suggested in the recipe, third trial seemed to have worked though), soups and a new fennel salat (G: the next best thing after licorice)
|Drank| tea, coffee, water and cider
|Thought| Dresden is surprisingly kids-friendly, particularly impressed with kids’ audioguide in the Grünes Gewölbe (green vault) and the great service at the Luisenhof
|Was happy| to see friends and family
|Wished| not to worry so much
|Planned| to have some days off
|Bought|ticket to start the gamelan course again
|Clicked|roost – accidentally surfed by and loved it. This was what initially started the mind boggling about the scd diet (as well as the lack of interest of science in challenging this idea) – beautifully photographed food, creative recipes and some explanations about how the diet works.

Can’t believe it’s nearly May and we’re still freezing our b.. off! 30°C in Munich over the weekend and we barely reached up to 12°C here. Also, it rained for days which reduced it further to a ‘felt 5°C’ – sigh  – please let May be warmer!


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