And…it’s Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This was somehow a tough week (long working hours and I’m now officially a PhD student) and we’re (finally!) looking forward to our bank holiday (instead of 1st May).  Once the caffeine kicks in tomorrow morning, I’ll be happy to start one of the 5000-bank-holiday-plans we have on the list and to enjoy our long weekend 🙂

But before, it’s Foto-Freitag time, and so here we go (you can find more creative answers at Ohhh… Mhhh…)

Eine Erkenntnis der letzten Monate? Something you came to realise over the last few month?

It’ll get better – at some point…

Was verschenkst du gerade gern? What’s your favourite gift to give at the moment?

Self-knitted things: they are fun to make and you have something personal. This one actually is even self-designed. It also works with other home-made gifts – only for the sewing gift we have a poor time keeping record – external circumstances were against us.

Über welches Geschenk hast du dich in letzter Zeit irre gefreut? What gift has lately made you incredibly happy?

Time. I know it sounds a bit soppy, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick something and so I tortured G with the question (nice person that I am even before her breakfast tea…! The do-not-think-just-answer-method…) and she immediately came up with time. So time it is: Being able to spend time with friends and family.

Was ziehst du an, wenn du weißt: heute wird’s tough? What are you wearing if you know it’s going to be a tough day?

Make- up – I think. I’m not attached to a particular piece in my wardrobe as long as it’s a ‘smart (casual) combination’.

Dein Highlight der Woche? Highlight of the week?

Starting our second gamelan course – this is a picture from last year’s concert.


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