…or photo-friday-day (or fft if you like foto-freitag-tag) – oh man, only four working days this week and it feels like six… but the weather service predicts sun for the weekend. And now, before plunging into research and the attempt to organise findings systematically (if anyone has creative ideas- please let me know!), to the foto-freitag-fragen (ha, actually fff would have been a cool heading too.. ah well, next week) thanks to Ohh..Hmm..; check out who else took part there or here:

Dein Frühstück? Your breakfast?

Today: tea (LØV breakfast tea) Paderborner Landbrot (home made), cheese or jam.

In Deinem Briefkasten? In your mail box?

Nothing so far, no mail before 10.30am – this is from yesterday. I’m waiting for my new Ortlieb bike bag…

Dein Kleiderschrank? Your wardrobe?

Dein Haustier? Your pet?

Emil (sometimes called Erwin or Edwin when I can’t remember what we called him…) – in representation of the rest of our pets

An Deinem Arm? On your arm?


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