It’s PFD again! I really look forward to the questions and talking about what pictures we can put on the blog and the discussions (still in semi-coma before the first cup of tea, of course) over breakfast.

Was wird heute der Hammer? What is going to be a doozie today? (had to look that one up, never heard it before) Most probably that would be if the sun came out and it would be nice and warm…

Although you should ask me what it’s going to be tomorrow (or better on Sunday) if Chelsea wins the football game and we’re going to have a parade… and I find myself silently converting to a Bayern fan (eek!!) in order to be able to leave the house…..

Um Deinen Hals? Around your neck?

Was tust Du dieses Wochenende nicht? What won’t you do this weekend?

Being bored – and most probably I also won’t not wear no socks…

Dein nächstest Projekt? Your next project?

Clean up and paint GORM – it’s been on the list for some weeks now…

Wo oder wie wohnen Deine Schuhe? Where do your shoes live?

The not-so-fragile ones do live here, the fragile ones (the ones, we’re not wearing all the time – read: our Jimmy Choos) live behind doors in the closet. If you’d like to peek into the life of other peoples’ shoes and projects, have a look at ohmm….hmm or here. Happy Friday everyone and happy very long weekend for the guys back home!

Update: We lost the German baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau earlier today (only just learned about it, as I’m taking my lunch break late) – a voice I grew up with (one of my mother’s favorite LPs is one with Fi-Di and Schubert songs) – although I never met him personally.  He taught a couple of my friends though, and I met one of his sons a couple of times… but those are different stories.  Lots of things one could say about the man and the singer, but the quintessence would be that his voice will be very much missed. I’ll leave you with a recoding of ‘Der Erlkönig’. Choosing a song over a snippet from an opera was a hard decision – I’m very picky with songs to say the least (also a different story) – but Fi-Di was very much known for songs and this is the first piece I remember him with. It has always been my ‘inner benchmark’ for this song. The pianist is Gerald Moore, who is equally missed and one can only hope that those two found each other up there to make more music together!


4 thoughts on “Friiiiiday

  1. romy says:

    Übrigens! Unsere Bibliothek ist ähnlich ausgeleuchtet, noch dazu schlecht belüftet und die Türen sind unglaublich laut. Echt ein Witz. Aber ab ca. 20 Uhr wirds ruhiger dort. 🙂

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