PFD again

It seems like it’s summer! We had two (that’s 2!) lunches in the park – on this note we might add that some people who’re trying to get a tan, give you (way) too much — ehm, of an inside view…. 🙂 obviously this is nothing to Stephi (who had the idea for Photo-Friday), who is currently enjoying the sun on an island – sigh..

Welche Überschrift trägt Deine Woche? What’s the heading for your week?

Holiday tickets are booked – time to dream now! Best of all: NO WORK  on holiday like last year! This time, it’ll be: reading, talking, walking, swimming, eating, some sightseeing (optional) and seeing family and friends. Some good old hanging out!

Wo isst Du im Augenblick am liebsten? What’s your favourite spot to eat at the moment?

Our kitchen restaurant – at our Norden table from the blue-yellow shop – due to trying out new diet things eating out is a bit problematic. This doesn’t matter as we love to cook and to try out new things.

In Deinem Bad? In your bathroom?

One of our few indulgences – the Glossybox, which came yesterday, with fake eyelashes – which will be worn next month, let me tell you… sounds like fun!

Dein Ohrwurm? Your Earworm?

The word ‘earworm’ doesn’t really exist in English, but German perseverance has started to introduce it into the English language… on this matter: you can read what the guys at Goldsmiths have found out about earworms.

Was machst Du Pfingsten? What are your plans for Pentecost?

Work…. actually not on Sunday, but on Monday. We don’t have a bank holiday this week, but we have two (2!!) the week after – thanks to the Diamond Jubilee – one has to have an advantage at some point from living in a monarchy. I’ll have a look what you guys have planned later, I need to unlock my Mom’s phone over the telephone… done! Happy mother with new phone. Happy weekend everyone.


4 thoughts on “PFD again

  1. dotsandyarn says:

    Thank you! Staged that a bit for the photo though… 🙂 Usually try to keep the kitchen tidy as it’s really tiny otherwise it starts looking like a dump.

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