May Retro

|Listened to| Midnight in Paris, film music – especially in the morning under the shower
|Read| The essential effect size (some ‘light’ reading, actually still reading it)
|Watched| The West Wing (with special thanks to S!)
|Did|work like dogs, ride our bikes, find a palace nearby, have a picnic, make the best home-made tomato-paste ever (oh my, I think we’ll have to add that to Marguerita’s chicken burgers in the summer!), go to our Gamelan course and even tried out Balinese Gamelan (which is mad; read very rhythmical, but fun) usually we get taught in the Javanese style (if you wanted to know)
|Learned| to cook with considerably less starchy things, not as easy as one thinks
|Ate| poached chicken, Raw-Granola, soups, beef-burgers (you see we needed the tomato paste) and a lot of asparagus with poached eggs (I’m really into green foods at the moment…)
|Drank| tea, coffee, water, Apfelschorle (you can’t have a picnic without it)
|Thought| it’s suddenly summer – and now?
|Was happy| to sit in the park in a skirt with no shoes
|Wished| there was less sadness in the world
|Planned| to have some days off – and a list as long as my arm of what we want to do…
|Bought|Papers2 – I’m in danger of losing the overview with my papers – already!


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