The Jubilee Weekend

This time, we’re the ones having a long (really long) weekend thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Tea parties “en masse” are in preparation and if the weather stays dry we’ll try to join one – and obviously will be going by bike.  This seems to be imperative as Transport for London already warned of heavy traffic – don’t get me started on the Olympic warnings circulating (oh well, if you’re not affected and curious you can have a look at the tfl website….then you won’t get depressed).
We have gazillions of things planned for this weekend from organising to painting (walls/shelves) to catching up with former house mates/friends and checking out a new bike shop – I think it’s safe to say that the one where I took my bike last year for the annual check-up, and where they destroyed my chain guard, is totally off limits  They didn’t unscrew my chain guard, but broke it off and fixed it in a rubbish way so that it split in two shortly afterwards. I only then noticed that the screws where now missing… And now we learned that one of our friends had been sent away from the same shop without getting the brakes fixed. I mean literally her bike didn’t have any brakes when she left the shop. Yikes!!  Anyway, it’s time for PFD and Stephi came up with the following:

Wie zeigst du jemanden, dass er dir wichtig ist? How do you show someone that they are important to you?

I admire their art 🙂

Dein Schönstes diese Woche?  Your most beautiful (thing, person, pet, event…?) this week?

picnic in the park

Wovon bekommst du gerade nicht genug? What is it you just can’t get enough of at the moment?

Technically it was supposed to be a picture of our raw-granola for breakfast, but we messed up the decoration part – apparently we were hungry this morning…. but asparagus is a close second.

Was verheimlichst du? What are you keeping a secret?

The age of Ivan the terrible (Иван Грозный for those who can read it) one of my oldest cuddly toys. Also, we still can’t agree if it’s a dog or a lion cub…

Eine tolle Idee…? A great idea….?

via apartment therapy –  I wish we had a a tiny bit more space to make it happen!

For more Friday ideas/inspirations check here, and I have to say I’m really looking forward to what people are coming up with every week. It’s such a cool start into the weekend! So happy blog surfing!


7 thoughts on “The Jubilee Weekend

  1. Karo says:

    Der Spargel war bei mir auch auf der Liste, aber lustigerweise war heute der einzige Tag der Woche, an dem wir keinen mehr hatten… Schicksal… 😉
    So ein Kuscheltier habe ich auch, finde sowas toll!

    Liebe Grüße

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