This week seems to be a bit out of sync – compared to original plans – yet quite effective in terms of work on our do-do-list. I. could do with better weather (=less wet and slightly higher temperatures). The cold and clammy feeling in the flat making us switch on the heating is not my idea of June… And it’s rather sub-optimal if you want fresh paint and silicone to dry in the kitchen – switching on the oven did help though. Now I’m sitting with my breakfast tea in hand and figuring out how to answer Steffi’s Foto Freitag. Tricky this time, but here is what we came up with:

1.) Eins Deiner Lieblingswörter? One of you favourite words?

2.) Neu in deinem Leben? What’s new in your life? – after lots of delays (read: life happened and business took over), G has finished sewing her Gehrock (frock coat) below shown inside-out in it’s final pre-completion phases.

3.) Was kannst du selbst kaum glauben? What can you hardly believe? Technically, the Elvis-imitator who suddenly appeared yesterday evening when we met with a friend for dinner was the first choice – we could hardly believe it- unfortunately we didn’t snap a picture… so this is our choice:

Going back to the 1700s? – unbelievable. For the whole article see here.

4.) Dein Motto für diesen Samstagabend? Your motto for Saturday night?

So far we’re open to anyhting as long as it involves food 🙂 could be a football or movie night (depending on how well Germany plays – I don’t want to start cringing from game 1… plus we probably need to find a German radio station for a pro-German commentator… sigh)

5.) Was wirst du am Wochenende endlich tun? What are you finally going to do this weekend?

Have a brunch with former house mate J – now that we don’t share a place we don’t meet each other in the kitchen any more… and yes, (in case you were wondering) thanks to the new diet none of the things on the picture are allowed (sigh) but J can have them 🙂

See here for lots of other ideas on this subject. Before plunging again into the week-off-to-do-list I’ll definitely have a look, it’s my favourite part of Friday morning!


13 thoughts on “PhotoFriday

  1. frauheuberg says:

    really really unbelievable…;)…your plans for the Weekend…including food…this is the best condition for a happy one, right? wish you a lovley cozy time and all the best…cheers and hugs…i…

    • dotsandyarn says:

      With that weather we can only have a cosy weekend – it feels like Christmas is around the corner 🙂 Hope you have a great one too! Viele liebe Grüße!

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